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Photo Model Agency “Portfolio” is young company, which is full of energy and starts from little but wants to achieve a big success in this sphere. Our representation is located in Riga – the capital of Latvia, but in the nearest future we will open the representations also in other cities and countries.

Our aim is to look for new people, new talents in different fields. Advertising, model and show businesses are constantly looking for new faces, from which new idols will grow. We will search these faces and from your name will offer them to people to whom it will be necessary. As we are exactly photo model agency, we hope that to us will come even those, who for some reasons don't make up their minds to study in many model agencies. We invite to take photos even children and we are sure that they will also be demanded. We invite you to free photo session and we are convinced that earlier or later we will start earning money for both you and us.

Apart from this, we are planning to open photographing courses. We will make groups, where we will teach the basis of photographing process and art. Those, who will come to these courses, will quickly learn to take photos and will discover what is the composition of shot and other specific questions with the help of famous teachers – masters and artists. After some time you will enjoy new knowledge, when you will take in your hands this fantastically interesting thing named camera, which is able to stop the time!

We don't want to sit without work and already now are ready to put our models to your disposal for the different kinds of activities. Our agency organizes and will help in organization of different parties, presentations, jubilees, shows, exhibitions, show-programs, balls, beauty contests and other arrangements. Offering the full complex of services in organizing of different arrangements, we are able to do the following:

  • Selection of the hall (restaurant, cafe, club, concert or banquet hall, old castle), which will fit the specification of the arrangement;
  • Invitation of press , accreditation ;
  • Making invitation cards and other polygraphy;
  • Catering service (bar, banquet);
  • Artistic decoration, design of hall;
  • Assembling of stage and decorations;
  • Placing of professional light and sound equipment;
  • Placing of video screens and other transmission equipment;
  • Working out the scenario of arrangement;
  • Selection of actors for the theatre show;
  • Invitation of world famous stars, any performers – local as well as foreign;
  • Discotheque with the best Dj's or dancing show-program with musical performers, orchestras;
  • Demonstration of clothes from modern designer;
  • Invitation if artists of original genre, live music;
  • Photo and video shooting;
  • Organization of fireworks.

You also can order only the services that you need the most.

Apart from this, we offer the service of selection the professional workers among the models for work in the offices in the positions of secretaries and director assistants. We are also ready to organize the trip abroad for models for making photo or video shootings, work on the exhibitions and other arrangements.

If you are interested in one or several models from our agency or one of the services which are offered by us, contact us by the telephone number +371 67356425 or by the e-mail In the shortest terms we will find the most suitable variant of our cooperation.

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